Superior results require change.

There are plenty of investing options if you want to do things the same way and get the same results. Let us show you how to get superior results by doing things differently including:

Alignment of Incentives

We are a long-term partner.

We believe shared incentives foster long-term partnership.  Our investments are structured with performance based compensation instead of upfront payments based solely on closing transactions. Our compensation is earned as your investments perform, not before.

Above Market Returns

We deliver our investors, on average, 15% higher returns (without using leverage) through our proprietary LIHTC investment structure so valuable CRA investment dollars are more efficiently utilized.

Sustainable Business Model

Our organization is designed to produce annual management fees over the life of our investments.  CohnReznick, affordable housing industry experts, in a recent study commissioned by Candeur Group states, “The Sponsor’s business model has effectively “solved” the sustainability problem faced by start-up syndicators.”

Tailored Services

Special orders are accepted and welcome.

In a $12 billion industry dominated by mass-market volume suppliers, we aren’t a mass production shop. We will take the time to customize our offerings to meet your goals.