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$1,100,000 Acquisition Capital

Challenge:  Securing medium-term gap financing to acquire a Maryland Section 8 affordable housing property.

Existing Solutions:  80% loan-to-value (LTV) financing from a commercial lender combined with a 20% LTV capital infusion provided by developer capital, self-raised “friends and family” private fund, predatory capital, or private equity.  The 20% LTV is traditionally hard to find, expensive, and often not compatible with senior financing.

Why Candeur Group:  Candeur is comfortable with underwriting syndication takeout risk, sponsor’s ability to execute, and we can use our CDFI to provide financing giving bank investors high-value CRA lending credit.

Our Solution:  Candeur provided $1,100,000 of capital with a 24-month term priced between a secured commercial loan and unsecured private equity.  The developer met his seller purchase and sale deadline and syndicated the property within 18 months. 

$19,000,000 California LIHTC Property Syndication Dilemma

Challenge:  LIHTC equity investment for a large transaction with a hard closing date and tight timeframe.

Existing Solutions:  LIHTC investment proposals from traditional syndicators with generic terms, numerous closing contingencies, and discounted pricing due to compressed closing schedule - this transaction did not fit into the “off-the-shelf” syndication offerings available.

Why Candeur Group:  Candeur understood the underpriced value of the real estate in an expensive, housing-starved, southern California market.

Our Solution:  Candeur created a unique structure recognizing the investments intrinsic value, provided market pricing for the developer, and a delivered an above-market risk-adjusted return for our investor

$30,000,000 Secondary Portfolio Acquisition Leverage

Challenge:  Enhance an investor’s benefits in a secondary market investment portfolio purchase.

Existing Solutions:  Seller-provided bridge financing included in the offering price.

Why Candeur Group:  Candeur understands the CRA lending and investment advantages of utilizing our CDFI fund.

Our Solution:  Candeur created a $30,000,000 financing vehicle providing our capital partner CRA lending andinvesting credit with attractive returns in highly sought after CRA markets.

$12,000,000 Limited Partner Interest Purchase Capital

Challenge:  Find a source of capital for a general partner to buy out limited partner interests in various year 13-15 LIHTC limited partnerships.

Existing Solutions:  General Partner contributes own capital or raises private equity which typically over values risk and ignores inherent CRA value of investment.

Why Candeur Group:  Limited Partner interest purchases are typically “out of the box” transactions and do not fit into traditional off-the-shelf financing programs.   

Our Solution:  Candeur utilized its CDFI to provide the General Partner capital at a competitive return with a 5-year term while also providing an attractive risk-adjusted return and CRA-eligible investment for our capital partners