A New Way Of Doing Things

Changing the status quo is never easy.  But we believe it is time for a change in affordable housing syndication.

Business innovation over the last 30 years has been historic - the internet, email, smartphones, laptops, business process redesign, outsourcing - and has had a dramatic impact on industry and how we work and live.  However, during this period of historic business innovation, the affordable housing syndication business model and investment structure has remained static.

We agree It is always more convenient to do what has always been done.  But change is necessary to provide a better result.  

We established our firm with a goal to outsource the vital services that do not add value so we can focus on increasing developer and investor returns. 

Our investment structure aligns each partner’s interests, fully values the economic benefits, and results in a more profitable transaction for the developer, syndicator, and investor.

Our proprietary Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”) finance opportunities are uniquely tailored for each investor’s needs and are structured to provide investment, lending and innovation credit.